Fia "Non-Sequitur" Reynne (fiareynne) wrote in fangganglite,
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Fang Gang Lite #023

ETA: Also, go see American Dreamz, Adam Busch's (Warren, BtVS) new movie out tomorrow!
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Deleted comment

Um. Maybe you could narrow that down to, favorable shocked silence or unfavorable shocked silence? lol

Deleted comment


12 years ago

ah, the return of the most delectable limerick! :-)
Horace/Porridge? Yup, definitely a William poem!
*psst...your link is to www/ instead of www. so it doesn't work

also, Horace is my hero.
Thanks for catching that, I was half asleep when I posted!
Hee! :)

Also, I love the way their usernames are all about the denial.
*wipes tear from eye*

We love you Will.
He's just so... effulgent.
Aah, I must admit, it's tricky to rhyme 'horace.' XD


April 21 2006, 19:21:51 UTC 12 years ago

Nice, very nice. At least he realized Horace is a girl. Think he read Cordy's blog?
They are on one another's flists, so I'd say it's very probable.
Heh. Heh heh heh. *Joy*

There there, William, your poetry is, well, it's getting funnier anyway.